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Programs & Services

At Fathers Assisting Mothers (FAM), we're dedicated to providing a range of programs and services designed to empower expectant fathers with knowledge, skills, and support. From comprehensive courses to personalized coaching, we've got you covered every step of the way—from conception to postpartum.

The Dad Doula Bootcamp

Our flagship 4-week in-person course, The Dad Doula Bootcamp, offers an in-depth, comprehensive exploration of fatherhood for those eager to dive deep into every aspect of becoming a dad. This program covers everything from conception to postpartum care, ensuring participants are well-prepared to support their partners and actively engage in the parenting journey. Sessions are led by experienced professionals and include hands-on practice, engaging discussions, and invaluable resources.

The DadPrep Academy

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by teen fathers,  DadPrep Academy is a specialized 12-week program designed to equip young dads with the tools and knowledge they need to navigate the major life change ahead. Beyond educational sessions, participants are paired with mentor fathers, offering personalized guidance and support. Through this program, teen fathers learn about pregnancy, labor, delivery, and the essentials of caring for a newborn, all while building a supportive community.

1-on-1 Coaching

For those seeking a more private and personalized experience, our 1-on-1 Coaching service offers individual sessions tailored to your specific needs and concerns. Whether you're looking for guidance on supporting your partner during pregnancy, preparing for labor and delivery, or navigating the postpartum period, our expert coaches are here to provide dedicated support and advice.

One Day Events

FAM also hosts One-Day Events covering a variety of topics related to pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum care. These events are perfect for expectant fathers looking to learn about specific aspects of the childbirth and parenting process in a concise, focused format. Featuring guest speakers, interactive workshops, and Q&A sessions, these events offer valuable insights and practical tips for soon-to-be dads.

Join Us

Whether you're a first-time dad eager to learn the ropes, a teen father looking for guidance, or anyone in between, FAM has a program for you. We invite you to explore our offerings and join a community of fathers committed to being knowledgeable, supportive partners and parents. Together, we can make a difference for our families, one father at a time.

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